Bench tests and prototype development

The project first step has been devoted to the development of the hydromethane prototype bus through the following sub-actions:

1.1. Planning of the experiment: definition of the technical requirements for the bench tests and preparation of the whole test bench (hardware): the test bench and the necessary equipment for the experimentation have been prepared on the basis of the requirements specified by ENEA.

1.2. Experimentation: based on measured parameters of engine efficiency, consumption and air emissions (CO, NOX, non-combusted gases, CO2), the optimal composition of the hydromethane blend has been defined as 75% methane and 15% hydrogen. A prototypal fuel supply system for the bus using specific components for the utilisation with high - pressure blends of hydrogen and natural gas has been realized and tested.

1.3 Development of the bus prototype: the outcomes of the bench test have been applied on the bus, setting up the prototype bus for the use with hydro methane fuel. The homologation of this first prototype has started through an official application to the CPA office (Centro Prove Autoveicoli) of the Italian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.