Road test and monitoring

This activity focused on preparing and monitoring the effective circulation of the prototype bus on the road.

  1. Road tests After a test phase on a private circuit, and tests without passengers for 5.000 km, road tests with passengers were performed between January and September 2013. The bus ran for more than 45.000 km with passengers on board as a normal bus service line in the city of Ravenna.
  2. Monitoring: during road tests, emissions and fuel consumption were monitored with dedicated instruments. These data were used to estimate the reduction of atmospheric pollutants and CO2, obtained with the use of the optimized blend.
  3. Optimization of procedures to modify the vehicle: the optimal procedure for the modification of the bus vehicle were identified after critical analysis of the results, applying the needed adjustments (if any) to the procedure previously set up at the test bench.
  4. Design and implementation of a dedicated fuel station. In order to grant the supply of blend for road tests, a dedicated hydro-methane fuelling station has been designed and built within an existing hydrogen production plant, property of SOL, one of the project partners.