Policy measures

Parallel to the technical part, effort has been devoted by regional authorities to the development of specific measures fostering and supporting the use and spread of hydromethane vehicles in the public transport of Emilia-Romagna region. More specifically:

1 Hydromethane community: professional network collecting information and connecting stakeholders interested in hydromethane in order to learn from each other.

2 Technical guidelines for the conversion of natural gas fuelled vehicles for urban circulation into hydromethane fuelled ones: addressed to public transport companies and based on the outcomes of the two previous actions, these guidelines contain the rationales, from an environmental, energetic and economic point of view, behind the choice of converting the natural gas vehicles to hydromethane. An executive summary of the Technical Guidelines is available here;

3 Road map for the conversion of local public transport fleets to low impact fuel and in particular to the hydro-methane blend: this document describes all the necessary steps to be undertaken to extend the use of hydromethane. The executive summary of the Road Map is available here