Action 4 - Dissemination and communication measures

The dissemination and communication activity are meant to promote the project themes and raise interest of stakeholders groups and to ensure an effective follow up of the project. The sub actions are the following:

4.1 Dissemination and communication plan: this document will contain the guidelines for all the dissemination and communication activities

4.2 Project web site and other communication material: the project web site, with a common part and dedicated part accessible only by the partners, will be the window of the project; this action also includes the realisation of promotional materials, logo, etc.

4.3 General dissemination and communication activity: this refers to all the miscellaneous dissemination activities, which can arise during project implementation, but which are not predictable yet: answers to specific questions, meetings with interested actors, invitation to present the project in meetings and events not directly organised within the project itself, publication of information on the project through newsletters and articles.

4.4 Specific dissemination activity - Hydro-methane infodays: in order to effectively reach a key stakeholder group, central for the good implementation of the projects results, after the project's end, a specific information days will be prepared addressing public transport companies. Companies from the region or from outside the region will be invited.