The Project

The project MhyBus - Methane and Hydrogen blend for public city transport bus: technical demonstrative application and strategic policy measures – is co-funded by the European Program LIFE+, Environment Policy and Governance 2007.

It has been implemented in the Italian Region Emilia-Romagna, in the period 2009 to 2013 as a follow up activity of previous regional initiatives in this field (see How it started).
The main specific objectives which MhyBus reached were:

  • To implement the initial steps - in term of studies, technical activities, costs, time expenses for the administrative procedures – necessary to lead to a first prototype of hydromethane bus, which will serve as a leverage to start a virtuous circle towards a widespread use of hydromethane by regional public transport utilities (Phase 1 Bus prototype and bench tests) .
  • To raise Emilia-Romagna citizens’ awareness in relation to climate change and air quality topics by exploiting the demonstrative potential of the prototype vehicle fuelled by hydromethane and circulating on urban roads (Phase 2 Road Tests).
  • To provide a sound scientific base for the definition of air quality and climate change policy measures at Emilia-Romagna regional level (Phase 3 Policy measures).