Sustainable Mobility in the Region Emilia-Romagna

Sustainable Mobility relates to the policy framework within which the project MHyBus has been conceived and implemented. The project is indeed only one of the many pawns on the chess board that the regional government of Emilia-Romagna wants to move in order to reach the main objectives of improving urban air quality, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promote the conversion toward new, non conventional, carbon free fuels.

These objectives are included in a wider vision of sustainability in transport systems, described in the Regional Integrated Regional Mobility Plan, which includes these aspects:

  • Reduce negative impacts of transport on the eco system;
  • Improve the accessibility of the cities and its functions, with specific attention to more vulnerable society parts (elderly, children, people with disabilities);
  • Reduce negative impacts of transport on health (air pollution, noise pollution, accidents, etc.) and on quality of life (land use and urban landscape deterioration);
  • Increase economic and productive competitiveness of the region and at the same time reduce costs;
  • Improve the governante on the territory granting at the same time transparency, market opportunities, system integration and citizen’s participation.

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